Developing positive self-esteem is the first step towards a healthy, enjoyable, and productive life. Yet having a lack of self-confidence is perhaps the most common flaw among humanity.

If you possess confidence, you’ll feel a self-worth and you’ll end up respecting yourself as a person. In turn, by respecting yourself, you can more easily respect others and be happy for them. Your life will improve greatly, as will your inter- personal relationships with your loved ones, co-workers, friends, and family as well. You’ll find that goals become more attainable and happiness is much more plentiful in your life.

Low self-esteem can trigger people to develop negative features such as depression, lack of happiness, insecurity and an overall poor confidence level.

When you lack the self-esteem in your life, every subtle mistake that happens in your day is taken to heart. People’s criticism of you, your making of mistakes, and even a joke directed towards you will cause you to shy away from every opportunity that floats your way. Every challenge will appear impossible to accomplish for you. This will cause you to feel stagnant and as a result, your life may lose meaning and purpose.

On the other hand, you can develop a better self-image, just like learning to skateboard or play a guitar.
Additionally, people don’t seem to understand the utter importance of possessing high self-esteem.

I really can’t even begin to stress the importance of it; as it’s the key to having physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength and balance in life.

In this brief but hopefully informative course, I’m going to detail the stage of developing self-esteem and how you can boost your overall self-image, with ease.

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Developing Inner Strength

The first stage of developing inner strength is through learning to love yourself for who you are, and your life for what it is. You need to learn to be grateful for what you’ve been given in life. You need to let go of the anger and hostility that’s bottled up inside of you. Holding in negative emotions doesn’t help you on your path to building self-esteem. Always remember that the past is the past and you can only change the present and work towards the future.

You need to love yourself by accepting all of your shortcomings or faults, and putting the past behind you entirely. But if you continue to focus on your faults, then you’re only going experience displeasure, disappointment, and unhappiness in your life. You need to focus on thinking positively and focusing on your accomplishments as well as your strengths.

To live life with a positive state of mind, you need to possess high self-esteem. You need to truly feel that you’re no different from anyone else, and that you can indeed become the person that you’ve set out in your mind to become.

You may need to reconstruct your life. You need to always put yourself in a lifestyle that’s going to make you happy and also bring you as little stress as possible.

Now, to begin with the actual “healing” process, you’re going to need to develop wisdom, strength, confidence, and of course, knowledge. If you can work towards developing and honing these qualities, you’ll achieve your goals much easier, and your dreams will be come a reality.

First, you’ll want to focus on the goals and dreams that you DO want to fulfill. Be reasonable though, but remember that NOTHING is truly ever out of your reach.

In the next section, I’m going to enlighten you with the “true” meanings of having wisdom, strength, knowledge, and confidence. I’ll be showing you how to obtain these positive features and how to use them. The following four steps will help you to live a much more fulfilling life, as well as improving your self-esteem.

Steps To Positive Self-Esteem Growth

Below are just four simple but very effective steps to follow to ensure that you make positive growth with your self-esteem and self-image.


The development of strength in the inner body begins in the mind. The inner body consists of our mind, spirit, and soul. I know it sounds far-fetched, but follow along with me here. How we think and program our minds to work, as a result, helps us to build mental, physical, and spiritual strength.

Our strength comes from how we actually feel towards ourselves. The better our self-image, the stronger we’re going to feel, and in turn, the more we’ll be able to do for ourselves.

At the same time, if you possess the motivation and inner (and outer) strength, you can make your present into anything that you desire. To free yourself of all the negative emotions that are suppressing you, you need to adjust your mindset entirely.

You’ll want to say to yourself:

“I accept myself for who I am and that I am unable to change the past. Nevertheless, I can change my future because I love and respect myself and refuse to hurt myself by drowning in my own self-pity.”

You cannot rely solely on others. You absolutely need to learn to rely on yourself.

You have to believe in yourself in order to develop a sense of pride. It really doesn’t matter what others around you think of you, what matters is how you choose to view yourself.

We were put on this earth to achieve something, love others, and not hurt ourselves OR take our anger out on others, who are usually the people we care about the most, and ourselves.


Another crucial factor in helping yourself and furthering the process of change, is none other than knowledge.

You see, knowledge comes from experience, which is a result of being open minded to the suggestions others may give (as well as our own). We may not always agree with the other person’s perspective, however it’s always wise to listen to them and hear them out.

Some individuals may try to be controlling of your actions or decisions. They may become frustrated if you refuse to act upon what they’ve suggested or told you.

In this case, you need to put your foot down and set these people straight by saying:

“I will listen to what you have to say; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to agree with you. As I have my own mind, and I know what’s best for my decisions and life.”

We learn from each other, and we acquire knowledge from the massive world around us. It’s important to pass along what we’ve learned to others, in an attempt to help them.

At the same time, we need to take our experience and use it in our present life right now, including the mistakes that we’ve made in life. The mistakes that we’ve made are where we end up with the most knowledge that helps us to become stronger as a whole. What weakens us is when we repeatedly make the same mistakes without learning or taking knowledge from them.

Don’t pity yourself for your mistakes that you’ve made or your imperfections.

Studies have actually shown that people who have negative attitudes are far more likely to live chaotic lives. They’re more likely to become mentally or physically ill with often times debilitating or life threatening issues. Many people have a hard time focusing on the positives in life because they just allow the negatives to end up consuming them.

What you need to do is say to yourself: Okay, I’ve learned from my mistakes and my shortcomings in life.

Taking what you’ve learned and using it or applying it to help others is excellent self- therapy too. When you help out, you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. You’re overlooking any negative characteristics because you’re too busy with focusing on helping others. It’s that simple!


Our confidence mostly comes from our own self-esteem. To possess high self- esteem, we need to feel good about ourselves. In order to get to this point in life, you need to start doing things that make you happy, focusing on the future, and creating direction and purpose in your life.

You can do this by planning short and long-term goals for yourself, and as a result, you’ll notice that your confidence will also rise.

This has worked for me now and it continues to work for me. I started accomplishing some of my short-term goals, and I felt far more achieved and have more self-respect. I ended up developing a greater sense of pride and my inner strength and self-worth improved.


Wisdom comes mostly from your sixth sense. Yes, we all have five senses which includes our sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Yet many believe that wisdom is actually our sixth sense. Wisdom helps you to better understand the inner signals and the directions that your body sends out to you, becoming aware of what your body is trying to tell you.

Your sixth sense is always leading you to the right answers. It’s up to you to learn how to understand your inner self (spirit) and to follow the signals and messages that it’s sending out to you.

Listening to what your inner self has to say is absolutely vital.

For instance, have you ever felt like you HAD a feeling that something was the RIGHT thing to do?

You need to learn to understand your mind, so that you can also understand your inner soul and all of the wonder things it’s capable of doing for you.

When we pay attention and act upon the signals our body gives, it presents us with a stronger understanding to our body and mind as a whole. Spiritually, you can then give your body what it needs.


We feed our body food to survive on a daily basis, that’s no big surprise. Spiritually we also need to feed our body with love, understanding, and various forms of relaxation and release such as meditation. I strongly encourage you to start your day off with at least five minutes that consists of some type of relaxation exercise. Either in the morning to kick your day off, the afternoon is you’re able to, or at night before bed, to release the tension that’s build up throughout your day. Each week, aim to add roughly five minutes until you end up at an hour daily (if you can).

When you do these kinds of things, you further increase your level of wisdom, strength, knowledge, and confidence. By having a higher level of strength you’ll begin to feel as though you can conquer the world. This, as a result, will also help to decrease your level of stress that you face.

Once you’ve accepted yourself, you can begin to cope with the world around you and further accept the fact that you can do everything you’re “expected” to do in life.

Nevertheless, to accept that, you first have to love who you are and be proud of the person that you’ve become. There are so many things in life that you’re beyond capable of doing, however first you must develop the motivation and the mental will- power to get out there and just DO THEM.

With that said, I want to thank you for taking the time to go through this brief but hopefully informative course. I hope that you’ve taken away a fair bit of insight about self-esteem and now you’re better able to build your confidence in your own life to achieve success and greatness.

Best of luck on your journey to self-fulfillment, and always remember that you ARE a unique and awesome individual.

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