Generally while discussing Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) we talk of 6 Chakras but in reality they are 7 in number. Sahasrar or the 1000-petalled lotus is the pinnacle of all Chakras. Because it is in the brain it is considered a chief. It is labeled extraordinary because there are 5 Chakras in the Merudanad (spinal chord), the Ajna Chakra between the eyebrows and then the Sahasrar in the head region.

The 7 Lokas (worlds) are described. Their names are Bhooha, Bhuvaha, Svaha, Mahaha, Janaha, Tapaha, Satyam. Even in the Islamic scriptures it is said that God resides in the 7th heaven. Since ancient times a similar description is given in the Christian religion too. The planet Earth is one yet 7 classes of creatures reside on it viz. sand, stone, trees, herbs, minerals, water.

One should note that the 7 worlds can never be found in the inter stellar space of our material universe. They are neither there up in the sky nor below our planet Earth. In reality they are present in human consciousness. Because the macrocosm (universe) is present in the microcosm (human psyche). Hence instead of straying away in the external world these 7 Lokas should be looked for within i.e. in our consciousness. Thus one can contact these worlds.

According to Ayurvedic medicine the body has 7 minerals and they are blood, skin, juices, flesh, bones, marrow and semen. Although these are visibly separate, yet they are tightly interwoven within. All these 7 put together constitutes our gross body. When the 7-fold aspects of the individual is discussed, it includes length, breadth, height (the 3-fold aspect i.e. holography), special orientation (time-space) and the fifth is anti matter. It is the fifth aspect which corresponds to the subtle body that harbours extrasensory potential. The sixth aspect is the thinking process and the seventh is divine sentiments. The first 4 aspects are inert and the remaining three are aspects of consciousness.

Before killing Vali Lord Ram displayed his divine prowess to Sugreeva by uprooting 7 trees simultaneously with one arrow only. In reality these 7 trees correspond to the 7 Chakras of our subtle body. Because Abhimanyu had not awakened these 7 Chakras in an apt manner he could not come out of the Chakravyuha net laid down by the Kauravas despite the fact that he had attained divine wisdom while yet in his mother Uttara?s womb. Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is so valuable that it has been locked in the 7 Chakras of our subtle body which are the locks of a divine vault.

When we talk of the 7 Chakras (plexuses) they are situated in this order from the base of the spine viz. 1. Mooladhar 2. Svadhishthan 3. Manipoor 4. Anaahat 5. Vishudhi 6. Ajna 7. Sahasrar. Along with the Ajna Chakra at certain places they mention a Bindu Chakra too. Thus Sahasrar (Brahmarandhra) is considered the ultimate station in the form of a 1000-petalled lotus or the 1000-headed serpent. In reality together with this there are only 7 Chakras wherein the Sahasrar rules over the lower 6 Chakras. It is very much similar to the pituitary gland being the chief of all endocrine glands. These 6 Chakras can be said to be both separately situated and also as related to one another just as seasons of a single year are related to one another. They are also called stones of 6 miles and that the 7th one instead of being a stone is a sacred temple.

A certain sect of Yogis call these Chakras as 7 bodies i.e. 1. Physical body 2. Etheric body 3. Astral body 4. Mental body 5. Spiritual body 6. Cosmic body 7. Divine body. The physical body can be seen with our gross eyes. The organs within the body can be perceived by touching them or via other means.

The second body is that in which thoughts are born. Here one experiences likes/ dislikes, respect/ insult, one?s own / aliens, contentment / discontentment, union / separation and other such sweet/ bitter experiences. This is the etheric body which the Theosophists label as etheric double. They think it is synonymous with the Prana Kosha or the vital sheath. But in actuality it has a more widespread boundary. This is seen and measured as ?Biofluxes?. Leadbeater had discussed this through ?Man-Visible-Invisible?. It is also called the Ideosphere.

The third body is related to thoughts, logic, intellect, and divine intellect. It is related to social behaviour, civilized behaviour, ideology, liking, culture etc. In the mental body there is ecstatic experience of artistic skills and in it manifest delicate emotions. This is the world of sensitivity. In this body resides compassion, generosity, ideals etc. The fourth body is the mental body in which glory manifests and our daring and valour matures over here. It is on this basis that man authors his future. If it is aptly utilized man reaches the pinnacle of his life and if its distorted, it leads to his downfall.

The fifth body is the spiritual body and is a storehouse of extrasensory potential. The sub conscious mind is within its jurisdiction. In the sixth body are created Rishis, men of austerities, Yogis, men of self-control etc. In the seventh body the difference based on ?mine and yours? is overcome. Over here is awakened the sentiment of world as one single family, and that all beings are a part of my very soul. Here one experiences one?s soul and the body of Brahman. This is the area of heaven and spiritual liberation.

In the Shiva Purana there is a strange legend about Shiva?s son Skand or Kartikeya?s birth. Lord Shiva felt that he needed to beget a valiant son who would overcome the demons and establish the reign of demi-gods. Thus he accepted the prayer of the demi-gods. Shivaji?s semen manifested as fire. Parvati, his consort, was unable to bear this fire and hence Vaishwanar took the form of a female and imbibed this semen in the form of fire in her womb. When Skand was born he manifested so much divine brilliance that there was a problem as to who would rear and nourish him. Parvatiji did not have any experience. Hence this task was taken up by the 6 Kritikas (Pleiades Stars). They reared and nourished Skand. Skand manifested 6 mouths so as to drink milk from the 6 Kritikas. Hence Kartikeya is also called Shadanan (6-headed). As soon as he gained might he attacked the demons and by gaining victory over them he asked the demi-gods to take over the reins.

This Skand incarnation should be looked upon as the group of the 6 Chakras (plexuses) related to Kundalini Shakti along with its influence. Shiva?s Retas (semen) is nothing but Kundalini fire power and in order to imbibe it the inner Vaishwanar is invoked. The 6 Chakras as the 6 Kritikas give milk and by becoming a valiant soul in the intense arena of the soul, a realized spiritual aspirant who has activated his Kundalini power utilizes it for pious spiritual goals.

These 6 Chakras present in the subtle part of the Merudand can be compared to powerhouses of electricity and also transformers. Its function is to attract energy in the subtle world and thus nourish the gross, subtle and casual bodies.

According to Tantra Science the chief powers of the world are classified in 7 ways: Parashakti, Jnanshakti, Icchashakti, Kriyashakti, Kundalinishakti, Matrishakti and Guhyashakti. The union of all these are called ?Grand Unification of Farsus? and material research is being conducted in this field.

In spiritual science one finds a description of 7 worlds, oceans, mountains, continents etc. It cannot be correlated to Geography. Because in reality it is a description of the spiritual arena along with its creation and potential. These 7 are the vault of jewels and in it one finds all that which man requires in his gross and subtle life.

Let us pray for material/spiritual prosperity and unite the world peacefully as a family so as to create: A beautiful borderless world.

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