A positive affirmation is an autosuggestion of empowering thoughts in a form of a statement of something you desire, or a condition of the world, which is repeated consistently in order to implant it in the mind.

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When these ideal situations are presented to our subconscious repeatedly, we lay the groundwork for cementing strong, empowering beliefs into our inner mind. Just like how our past beliefs affect our current behaviors (e.g. childhood experiences), our subconscious mind is based on what we experience in the past and this affects what we perceive in the present.

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By constantly embedding positive thoughts into our subconscious mind, we train ourselves to think in ways that empower ourselves instead of limit ourselves.

For example, an example of a positive affirmation could be “I’m a great public speaker!”. Affirm yourself daily with this thought and you can be sure that you’ll be more confident speaking in front of a crowd compared to if you believed you couldn’t do it.

Affirmations are also usually called “Daily affirmations”. Meaning you have to practice it every day for it to be effective.

Say it in the morning, after lunch, before you sleep, as long as you make it a daily ritual, the more effective affirmations become.

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