Affirmations, when used correctly can have a serious positive impact in your life.

As mentioned in the earlier post, affirmations must be used daily for it to be effective. One of the ways of using affirmations is by looking in the mirror, straight into your eyes and saying it loudly as though you really mean it.

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Feel your voice echo in your body and up to your head. Thump your chest or clap your hand when you say it to further reinforce the power of the affirmation.

You can also chant affirmations before you want to do something. For example if you are afraid of speaking in public, you can chant positive affirmations which build confidence to help you build the confidence you need to deal with the task at hand.

Another effective method of using affirmations is to have an “hour of power” where you isolate yourself and practice affirmations in solitude.

The quiet, calm and piece environment will help you to better tap into your inner mind and embed these positive.

behaviors into your subconscious mind. This is often used to achieve maximal impact from affirmations.

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