You have spun the wheels of your creativity and got a new fantastic idea that will make you and your business stand out in the cluttered world. But as important as your creativity and idea creation is, implementing your ideas by taking desired actions are what that makes your ideas actually valuable.

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It’s like you and your team is working on a very big project and facing significant problems. After a successful brainstorming session, you have found an effective idea that will address and solve your problems.

In beginning your whole team will feel so much energized with the ideas you have generated, but soon that energy wears off. And that’s because all these ideas need to be implemented to be effective and you realize that the project is running already behind the schedule.

In that condition, all the efforts you have exerted in idea creation will go directly down the drain. Therefore as much as idea creation is important, implementing those ideas with measurable actions is equally important.

How to Implement Your Ideas into Actions?

Turning your ideas into realty require necessary action. If you are feeling confused about how to do it, here are steps that you need to follow to turn your ideas a mind-blowing reality.

  1. Keep things simple: Simplicity is the key. Even the successful entrepreneurs are suggesting that after going through thousands of good ideas in a day, they choose only those which are simple enough to be implemented easily. Keeping their ideas simple and focused they are able to achieve the success they are enjoying now.
  2. Align it with goals: All your creative ideas hold no importance if you failed to ensure that this new idea is in alignment with your company’s other business goals. Put your idea up with your company’s mission, vision, and values and find out if it going well with it or not. If not, then either your company’s goal or your master idea needs to be changed. In most cases, it is the latter.
  3. Analyze your ideas: Before implementing any ideas, it is recommended to perform SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis to it. After scrutinizing your concept, you need to make of list of everything regarding your idea in all those four areas. This will help you to determine whether you should proceed with your idea or not.
  4. Appoint an Authority Figure: Well not technically appoint but it’s like finding someone who will be responsible for your idea execution and have enough authority to make it happen. It will speed up the process as we know that roaming ideas through co-operate maze needs entrepreneurial leadership.
  5. Take Action Fast: Don’t remain seated with your ideas because you are overstuffed with self-doubt. You need execution to be fast and smooth. Slow execution is equal to failure. To overcome the initial fear, set milestones, and race towards them. You have to venture in the unchartered territory to know how hard or easy things could be. And remember, your goal is to achieve that milestone.
  6. Be open to feedback: By all means, keeping your ideas locked so that nobody could steal it is a surefire way to ensure that your idea is not going to work for you. Of course, you need to secure domain name, register trademark and carry all other legal action to protect your ideas. But you also need to bring your ideas into the light to get critical inputs, guidance, and advice for improvements.
  7. Prepare for the long haul: Lastly, you need to be ready for the long haul. There are a lot of work involve and lots of back and forth jiggling. Remember every successful person had achieved something big only by tasting failures and rejections in their lives.

Follow these steps and put your ideas into actions. Because without action your idea will be locked in the vacuum of your brain’s creativity compartment where it will wither and die for good.

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