A minimalist lifestyle is your gateway to living happier and more fulfilled life. In this type of lifestyle, you need to embrace changes that will help you live delightfully with the less.

Well, the meaning of a minimalist lifestyle is different for different people. The good thing here is, you get to define the minimalism for yourself.  

Keeping in mind the choices and availability nowadays, we tend to carry excess baggage that we have no use and would be better off without.

Cutting down the unnecessary baggage will allow us to appreciate the good things we have in our lives. Simultaneously it also helps us in feeling more relaxed and facing the day-to-day chaos more refreshed.

It takes a considerable amount of hard work and discipline to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. After all, you are changing your lifestyle, and this is not easy. And there are many advantages of it like less financial concerns, a more relaxed schedule, better sleep, feeling energized and relaxed etc.


How to Accept a Minimalist Lifestyle?

1 Reduce Clutter in your space: Reducing the clutter from a place can be started by declaring that space as clutter-free. It can be smaller spaces like your dining table, working desk, kitchen counter etc. Promise yourself not to fill this space with knick-knacks, papers, loose clothing, mails etc.

Make your responsibility to keep that one particular space clutter-free to maintain your minimalism. This also inspires you to apply that same idea to other paces in your house.

2 Get Rid of ‘More Than One’ items: This also means getting rid of duplicates. Actually, this is the process where de-cluttering starts. It indicates that if you possess more than one item for just one use, keep the good one and purge the extras.

For example, if you have 4-5 cute mugs but you drink your coffee from just two of them, donate the other three. Same goes with things that you technically do not need. Like saving the e-statements of a credit card, bank statement, monthly bills and dumping away the hard-copy.

3 Follow ‘One In, One Out’ Rule: This is one of the most important steps of a minimalist lifestyle. It implies that every item you are adding to your home or space must replace the other item that you already have.

In addition, to maintain your clutter, this approach will also help you to think twice and re-evaluate the actual need for the new purchase. This will help you in deciding whether you actually need that thing or not.

4 Be Organized and Introduce Systems: Minimalist lifestyle requires you to be organized in order to save your time and energy which you could be otherwise spending on unworthy tasks.

The best way to do this is identifying the areas of your activities that is eating up most of your time and introduce a system to help you cope. This simply means that if you are spending too much of your time manually washing your clothes, it is a good idea to invest in a washing machine.

5 Clear-out ‘Just In Case’ stuff: It happened with almost everyone. We tend to buy stuff for that ‘imaginary’ special occasion that never comes in our life making our home filled with unnecessary stuff that we have never even touched in years.

For example, you buy a fancy dress which you decide to wear when you invite your friends to your house for dinner. But you never got the time to invite them and that dinner never happened. Still, the dress is in your wardrobe occupying the space which could be used by some other necessary stuff. ‘Just in case’ items are just adding clutter to your space and set you back from minimalism. Donate or dump the things you have not used in years.


Minimalist lifestyle will help you in becoming more organized, energized, refreshed and stress-free. Adopt it and enjoy your life to its fullest.

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