Affirmations are one of those so called “New Age” personal development tools to get results fast.

Where It All Began

Before positive affirmations, there was a “New Age Thinking Movement” where people were starting to realize that by thinking positively, they can seriously improve the circumstances of their life.

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Take for example the Epictetus in the first century said that “The thing that upsets people is not so much what happens, but what they think about what happens. This shows that even in ancient times people were already choosing to think positively to improve their quality of life.

Positive thinking is widespread in religion, where Religious men (thinkers, philosophers, businessmen) started to write about the power of thoughts and positive thinking from a secular point of view.

This movement has evolved over the years and now has been applied to many different fields in the twenty-first century: in business and sales, in health, sports, children education, psychology, motivation and inspiration, self- image, marketing.

The writing of several authors surrounds the origin of positive thinking. Their essays, poems and non-fiction writing were focused on the importance of thoughts and the mind.

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