If you are working on your self improvement, these 7 great tips should be added to your list. These aren’t the typical tips you get. Are you ready?

Great Tips for Self Improvement
  1. Reduce how much time you spend on chat programs. Chat programs result in tons of wasted time, which you can spend on better activities. Disable the auto start feature in chat programs and only launch them when you have spare time or you really need to chat.
  2. Get yourself a coach. If you want to improve the fastest way to do so is to have a coach work with you to create your goals. Your coach can help to guide you; however, ultimately it is up to you to make your own decisions.
  3. Turn off the television. It is a very liberating experience to stop watching television. Youíll free up time that you can use for more constructive purposes like spending time with your good friends, getting fit or working on your business plan. There is very little that TV actually has to offer that will stimulate your brain.
  4. Learn how to play chess. Chess is a great game for you to learn how to create strategies and how to sharpen your brainpower. You can have a little fun while you exercise your brain and build your analytical skills.
  5. Start a 30-day challenge. Set a goal for yourself and then allow 30 days for you to achieve it. It doesnít matter what the challenge is. Itís more about sticking to it and achieving your goal.
  6. Meditate. The use of meditation can calm you and make you more aware. It helps to focus and center you. Many who meditate before bed require less sleep. Meditation has much to offer you on your self improvement journey.
  7. Join Toastmasters ñ Itís time to learn the art of public speaking, which is the number one fear of many. You can learn a lot about better communication, the best way to present yourself and how to communicate with others. Toastmasters is an international organization that trains people in the art of public speaking.

There you have it: 7 great tips that can help you with your self improvement. 7 tips you likely haven’t heard before. So what are you waiting for? Self improvement is an excellent undertaking and a great way to improve you for your own benefit.

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