There’s a difference between creating in your own universe and creating in the physical world. When you create inside yourself there’s no time involved – your awareness is timeless!

Time Frame

For instance, if you would like to change your attitude toward your boss, you do not need to set a time frame. You are able to merely create the intention: “I appreciate my boss,” or, “I value my boss’s viewpoints and beliefs”. It will work instantly if there’s no other belief or intention in its way.

When you deal with the physical world, setting a time frame becomes important. The physical world works within time and space. If you build a new house, first you have a plan, and then you move dirt, assemble wood, install plumbing and move furniture until the house is complete. It takes time and effort.

So if you make your intention but you leave out the time frame – your intention becomes doubtful. For instance: “I’m working in my dream job”. Well, you’d probably say right away: “I am not!” It sounds more like an affirmation than an intention. Include the time frame, and this example turns into: “I’m working in my dream job, six months from now”. Pay attention to any reactions you have when you formulate your intention. Your mind may interfere and tell you: “No way, I’ll never get this,” or “this is impossible”. If you encounter these instant judgments, formulate your intentions differently, so that they feel more do-able.

Occasionally you may want to break a big intention into smaller pieces. For instance: “In two weeks I am a millionaire”, is an intention that may not work for most Individuals. Nonetheless, an intention like: “each day I will have more money to spend”, may get you there sooner than you think.

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