How to Stop Letting Politeness Prevent You From Being Persistent

Persistence can really pay off. In all kinds of circumstances you have nothing to lose by trying again and everything to gain if you’re successful. Been turned down from your dream job? Then apply again! Each time you apply you’ll increase the odds in your favor and the worst thing that can happen is that you potentially waste a little time… no biggie!

In other words then, there is no reason not to keep trying to go for your dreams even into your old age. If you’re 50 years old you can still be applying for the same dream job you’ve been looking at for the past 30 years…

But often we don’t. Often we try once, maybe twice and then we give up.

Why? One of the big reasons might surprise you…

The Biggest Challenge to Persistence: Politeness

One of the oddest reasons that people do anything is to be polite. This is why when someone gets in our face and is clearly about to steel our money, we will ‘give them the benefit of the doubt’ until they throw the first punch. It’s also why we won’t ask that contact to arrange an introduction for us a second time when don’t respond to our request right away.

In the first scenario, we don’t want to be rude by judging someone too quickly and running away when they just want the time. In the second scenario we don’t want to be a ‘pest’. But while that might seem logical on the face of it, the thing to remember is that effectively you are letting your manners get in the way of serious life changes. In the first case your manners are potentially going to get you stabbed. In the latter, you risk saying goodbye to an amazing career opportunity that could change your life… all because you don’t want to be a ‘pest’.

Politeness is great when it’s a matter of holding open doors but if you’re putting your manners before your own safety or before your career, then things have gone to far.

Often, when it comes to getting ahead in life, you need to be a little uncomfortable and you need to be a pest. Sure, it might be irritating, but that contact will get over it and if it means that you end up landing your dream job then will you really lose sleep over the fact that you sent three e-mails? Especially bearing in mind that you might need persistence in order to stand out…

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