Did you know that there are people that specialize in resolving conflicts? Well there are, that is just how common conflict issues arise today. But do you also know that not every conflict needs a resolution? Probably not and let’s look at that issue today.

Should Every Conflict Be Resolved?

Professional conflict coaches have one vital piece of information that they share with their clients. That is to simply learn that you don’t always have to be right.

Think about this for a minute. How many times have you found yourself arguing with someone and refusing to give up, because you want to be seen as the winner?

There is an inbred need inside of people to what to be right or seen as the victor. This is the main reason why so many conflicts are never resolved, instead they boil and cause resentment and anger between family and friends for years.

If you can learn that one simple thing, to give up needing to be right, you will find that you are not involved in as many conflicts. What is so wrong with letting someone else be right for a change? If it makes them happy and ends the conflict, you should be happy too.

Of course you may encounter a situation that is important and you definitely need to be right. This could be conflicts that deal with your children and their safety for example.

Then there are those conflicts that end up being more silly and less meaningful because they drag on so long. The people involved don’t even remember the true cause of the conflict in the first place. All they are left with is that feeling of ‘I just have to be right!’

The conflicts that don’t always need resolving are the ones where you want people to do as you wish. All you are looking for is someone to do as you say. This is very difficult to force onto someone and creates nothing but an angry air of conflict. These are the ones that you should learn to recognize and be strong enough to quit on.

If you are attempting to resolve a conflict and there is just no end in sight, decide if the process is worth working on or not. It might be best to give up and walk away. You are not showing signs of weakness. Instead you are displaying signs that you are mature enough to recognize that a resolution is not going to happen and walking away is the smartest thing to do.

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