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If you are striving for excellence in your life then there are nine basic principles of success. By applying these principles you can make a huge difference in your life. Both professionally and personally. Let’s take a look at what these principles are.

The first principle is centered around Commitment. Would you say that you are committed in everything you do? If you are learning a new skill, do you spend every minute of your spare time learning it? Do you go the extra mile for yourself and others? If you are truly committed then you should be willing to do what it takes to become successful.

The second principle is based around Truth. Are you truly honest with yourself and with those around you? To follow the path of excellence is a must have quality.

The third principle is that of Excellence itself. You need to demand perfection of yourself at all times. Of course nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But you can be the best person you possibly can by following the pursuit of excellence.

The fourth principle is that of Results. Who doesn’t like to win? It is not the act of winning that is important. Instead it is the effort you put forth into attempting to win which is what counts.

This brings us to the fifth principle which is Passion. Your passion should inspire you to be the best you possibly can at all that you do. This means both at work and at home.

Our sixth principle is Habit. While it really isn’t that hard to develop a habit, many people have major trouble with this. On average it only takes 3 weeks of regular commitment to ingrain a habit into you. A habit is simply an action that you do on a repetitive basis. Many of the things you already do are habits. You change your clothes before going to bed, you wash your hands after visiting the bathroom and you don’t think twice about brushing your teeth each morning.

The seventh principle is the one of Mental Toughness. By this we mean being willing and able to get back up after you have been knocked down. So in essence you are not a quitter.

The eightieth principle is that of Discipline. In this instance discipline means being able to train yourself by following instructions or through repeating exercises. Set yourself simple rules that you can follow to the best of your ability.

The ninth principle is Perseverance. This is often referred to as the one trait that identifies successful people. You just keep on gong despite all the odds until you have reached your goals.


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