Your thoughts create reality. At least that’s the belief of many experts and those who have experienced this know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t yet experienced creating your reality, it’s time you did.

One of the areas that people have the most trouble with is manifesting their physical appearance and their beauty. This is especially true of women, who can have deep insecurities about their weight, skin, hair, etc. So manifesting yourself beautiful might seem impossible, but it’s not. Sometimes we manifest ourselves in a physical way that’s linked to an event in our past and we don’t even realize we’ve done this.

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There are five steps you need to follow to think yourself beautiful. Are you ready?

  1. Discover what your trigger is – For some of you, it will be the moment you decided you were unattractive and it will be easy to recognize. But for others, it the trigger may not be so evident quickly. It is important that you dig and try to figure out what got you to this point.
  2. Identify your fear. What is the fear behind your trigger? Are you worried that if you are perceived as beautiful as your credibility can be undermined. You might be worried about unwanted attention, or you might be afraid that you are not worthy of being seen. Find your fears and write them down.
  3. Invite your fear to a spirit summit. You need to have an open mind and take the time to journal your fears. Question how accurate your fears are? Is it even likely that your fear scenario will happen? Let your fear go. Ask your God, the universe or your higher power to take your fear and hold it.
  4. Surrender. Let your God or your higher power take control of the situation. No matter what fears you have, when it comes to your physical appearance, for almost all of us control is an issue. You have no control over what other people think of the way you look. You can’t control their behavior so stop worrying about it and let it go. Do not let it provide fuel for your fears. The only thing you can control is how you react.
  5. See things differently. Once you surrender your anxieties and fears about how you look, you can make room in your heart to be willing to see yourself differently. You can make room to see yourself beautiful. When you do this you might suddenly find yourself losing weight, your acne might suddenly disappear or your confidence might soar.

What could be better than thinking yourself beautiful?

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