We all know or met someone who is rude, blunt and impolite but somehow is extremely successful. But our human nature tends to draw us towards people who are modest, kind, polite, agreeable etc. In other words, we would like to do business and establish our professional or personal relationship with Charming people.

Charming people tend to walk with a spring in their step, maintaining their charisma effortlessly that impressed others in every situation. Now, most people think that being charming is an innate quality – either you possess it or not – but it’s not true. Like everything else, being charming is a skill that can be learned, practiced and mastered.

If you are willing to learn how to be more friendly, social and approachable then you will need to be charming. Here we are presenting top tips and tricks for you to charm anyone whom you came across.

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Easy Ways to Be Charming:

Use Positive Comments as Icebreaker: When you are in an awkward situation when you don’t know where to begin a conversation, it is recommended to start it with positive observation. Never use negative or rude comments to start a conversation. You don’t want to look whiny and negative person here. Use positive observations to break the ice.

Make Eye Contact but Don’t Stare: If you really want to cast a spell on someone using your charm, it is of uttermost important to make direct eye contact with that person. Studies show that people who maintain an eye contact throughout conversation are considered to be more socially savvy and compassionate – two major qualities of a charmer.

Listed Carefully without Interrupting: Another important quality of being a charmer is listening without interrupting.Eliminate all the distractions and focus your attention on what other person is trying to tell you. Also, don’t interrupt the person with your own views and comments. This will show that the conversation is benefitting you only, thus producing a negative impression. It’s better to let them complete their piece and then share yours afterward.

Remember Everyone’s Names: So difficult, but extremely important. Try to remember the name of a person you have just being introduced to and repeat his/her name in the upcoming conversation. This shows that you care enough or have given them the importance by remembering their names. This also shows that you were really paying attention at the time of introduction. If you face issues remembering names, it is best to associate that name with something in your head like ‘Blake like Flake-y pastries’ etc.

Smile at Strangers: Smile is a simple gesture that draws people to your charm.A friendly nod or just a simple smile will show the people around you that you are not that wrapped up in your own world that you neglect the existence of anyone else.  Take your time to be nice with people and this will have many benefits. You may discover new friends in people whom you have been ignoring for so long.

Drop your Phone while Conversing: Your phone will survive if you don’t give it attention for five minutes. This is mostly for the confined situations where your attention is demanded like someone is sharing something personal with you or asking for your advice on an issue. Put your phone away, in your pocket or bag while talking.

Treat Everyone with Respect (including waiters): This is especially for your interactions with the people who are working in the Customer Service Industry. You must treat them with respect. Normally it has been considered that how you treat waiter/waitresses reflects your personality. Screaming and yelling the people from customer service industry is not going to help them find exactly what you are looking for and others will see you as a condescending jerk.

Accept Your Mistakes: The simple formula for success – accepting your mistakes. Lying about them or not taking the responsibility for your actions will only show your weakness to others. Accept your set back and mistakes and learn from them to rectify the situation. This will boost up your confidence and also make others value your honesty.

Being charming has so many personal and professional benefits. Incorporate these tips and knock every person’s socks off that enters your sphere.

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