Affirmations are one of the single most powerful tools for creating abundance and the great thing about it is that this process is readily available to anybody for absolutely no charge. Whether you realize it or not you use affirmations to create the experiences of your life right now. Everything that happens, positive or negative, is drawn to you by your thoughts, words, and actions. Affirmations are the expression of your thought, words and actions. This is the Law of Attraction and it’s a universal law. All mankind is bound by this law, whether they believe in it or not.

Create the Life That You Desire

A very easy definition of an affirmation is that it’s a statement asserting the existence or truth of something. For instance, if you say to yourself – I do not enter contests. I’m not lucky, I never win. Then you’ve created this statement as an affirmation. You’re asserting that you’re not a winner. This might be a statement of fact or it may not. Maybe the fact is that you sometimes win things, or experience luck and sometimes you do not. What is more significant here is you assertion that you don‘t win. If you hold that thought and image consistently you’ll behave in ways consistent with that belief.

It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for me.

Perhaps the most powerful affirmation of all time comes to us from Rene Descartes: -I think therefore I Am“’

Each of us produces our own particular reality in life by the words we speak and the thoughts we think. When you realize the power of words and thoughts, you’ll demonstrate dynamic life changing results for yourself using positive affirmations as one of your instruments. The spiritual mind knows that everyone and its thousands of day-to-day secret thoughts or affirmations are real things, so  if the thought of health, strength and recuperation is constantly held to in the mind, such thought … will express itself in the body, making maturity never ceasing, vigor never ending, and the keenness of every physical sense ever increasing. Words that you use when talking to yourself or other people are affirmations. Your mental slap to the forehead saying – How could you be so stupid? When you miss your exit on the freeway does nothing to lift your spirit or make your world brighter. If you begin to use small happy affirmations, you perhaps might be pleasantly surprised to note how much better your day goes. We all can benefit from acquiring thought and speech patterns by replacing the negative with positive, powerful and enlightening images. Positive affirmations are the very best tool to achieve this change.

Try an experiment. Identify the source of negative messages you receive from other people and eliminate that source for an entire month. It may seem odd at first to discontinue watching the evening news or stop listening to music with negative lyrics, yet you will find that if you give yourself permission to do this for just one month you‘ll eliminate much stress and discomfort from your life.

The exciting news is that if you’re not happy with your life today you have the power to consciously change it right away. This may be a new concept to you, or may not. If you have difficulty believing that your life experience is created by the power of your thoughts, take the challenge. It costs nothing to experiment with positive affirmations to determine the impact they may have on your life. You have nothing to lose by experimenting with affirmations. You only have the world to gain!

It doesn’t matter what your experience has been to date of family, culture, environment, or even how old you are. Anyone can benefit from the effective use of positive affirmations. The past does not predict the future. You’re not locked in to your current life experience. Affirmations are valuable tools, used to move our reality in positive directions. Use positive, self-directed affirmations to create the self-fulfilling prophecies that you desire for your life. You can make it so in any area of your life you choose.

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