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Become A Happy Person

Become A Happy Person: Learn to Live Like Noahs Ark

by fred
    Though the holy bible has actually been often discredited by those that do not think, it is one of the good as well as reputable sources for finding out how to live happily. Here, I have actually detailed some of the lessons I have actually picked up from the tale of the flooding and also Noahs Ark in a somewhat humouristic tone. 1) Whatever you do, pay attention that you do not miss the boat. 2) Remember that you are not alone because everyone is in the same boat with you. 3) You need to look into the […]

Strive for Happiness by Being Yourself

by fred
Strive for Happiness by Being Yourself   is a new video of our Youtube Channel. Prefer to read instead of watching the video? Alternatively, if you’d prefer to read a text  of this Video, we’ve put together a text version below… If you let the standards of society drive who you are, you are not living your own life. You are living as a drone or a robot. While you have to abide by the laws set out by society, you don’t have to listen to its guidelines. You will be happier when you define how you want to live. No one […]

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