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Why It Is Important To Have a Goal In Life?

by fortiz
  “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  George Eliot Why set goals when you can live life without it? Isn´t it that unguarded moments and spontaneous decisions are the ones that give color to one´s numbered days? Those are the questions that might be playing in your mind when asked about your plans for the future and I won´t tell you it´s wrong to think that way. However, you cannot deny that sometimes, along the way of living that kind of life, you might get lost and think it hard to find your way […]

Holding Yourself Accountable In Making Your Goals Happen

by fortiz
Holding Yourself Accountable In Making Your Goals Happen It’s always easy to blame other people or other things when you fall short of reaching your goals or when you lose the will to pursue them. You might have gone through this kind of frustration before, and you probably just can’t afford to look at yourself as someone to blame for the said disappointment. Well, you can’t really deny the fact that you should hold yourself responsible whenever you arrive at that point in your life. But before even falling deep into that pit, you can actually prevent it from happening […]

10 People Who Turned the Impossible Into Possible

by fortiz
If you feel hopeless while achieving your goal and you need some motivation, read this. These are the people who don’t need to introduce themselves anymore because of their achievements in their lifetime. These people are particularly inspiring because they’ve gone through rejection and failures too, but that didn’t stop them from becoming who they are today. J. K. Rowling

 Before she earned millions, she had to face a failed marriage, being almost entirely broke while raising a child on her own and going to school. When she finally finished writing Harry Potter, she was rejected by a number of […]

Here, 5 Things To Remember In Goal Setting

by fortiz
If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.- Benjamin Franklin Setting your goal is the most vital aspect for your success. In whatever endeavor you undertake, it is important to ensure that your goal is clear. Generating ideas and concepts is very important but knowing how to achieve them is what matters more. Here are five things to remember in setting your goal: Be precise. Identify what your end-goal is and make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Understanding this principle will serve as your drive and the reason why you […]

5 Reasons Why Some People Fail To Achieve Their Goals

by fortiz
Maybe you are planning to start a new journey in your life right now, something you have always wanted to do but never did before. You might have also experienced failing to achieve your goals in the past, and now youÕre probably asking what could have gone wrong. Those learning experiences have shed light on this phenomenon, and here are five of the known reasons why some people do not see their goals completely realized. Fear of taking risks. These are part of every business, journey, employment, or activity. They may only differ on the degree theyÕd affect you, but […]

3 Things To Consider Before Diving Into your Goals

by fortiz
I know you feel so giddy about the idea that came to you just now. I feel you. Everybody has had that familiar feeling equated to having sugar rush once an idea worth following crosses one´s mind. But hold your horses; lets go over your goals first and look at these things to consider. Before you exhaust yourself on something, it´s always good to re-evaluate and verify its worth. Is It Realistic? It may sound harsh to you but let´s face it, sometimes your ideas may be too weird or sound too improbable to you considering your current situation that […]

How to Become Strong Leader

by fortiz
A leader is not born. A leader is created and the whole process starts inside the most dangerous place you’ll ever encounter – your own mind.   How can you become a strong leader who inspires others, drives people toward excellence, holds people accountable, and instills a sense of trust? Learning what makes a great leader is your first step. Here are some things you can do to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be: 1. Control yourself. Every great leader in history has had to become a master of self-discipline and willpower in order to stay focused on […]
I can find another route to success.

Even if I take a wrong turn, I can find another route to success.

by fortiz
Even if I take a wrong turn, I can find another route to success. If I steer my vessel in the wrong direction, I can find a map and chart out a new course. Stopping is not an option. I will find my way as long as I keep my eyes on the prize. Success is a journey, not a destination. That is why I strive to make each step count. A positive attitude helps me move forward and, even when I am unsure of where I am, I am not lost. Instead, I choose to become a trailblazer. The […]

The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast

by fortiz
Would you like a simple way to really change your life? Instead of merely getting by, you’ll find that your life can truly be exceptional when you focus on positive solutions rather than the constraints of your challenges. This 10-Day Negative Thought Fast, originated by Emmett Fox, one of the most popular self-help authors and speakers of the early 20th century, is an adventure you’ll reap many benefits from. The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast Here are the rules: 1. If you break any of the other rules, you must start the 10 days over from the beginning. To get the […]

Mind Secrets Exposed Download

by fortiz
I am no stranger to self-help books. I’ve read dozens of them over the past few years and I’ve come to same conclusion most of you have – they don’t really work. Well, that’s not quite true. There are some shining gems that actually give what they promise and actually provide quality content. And Mind Secrets Exposed is one of those few examples of a great self-help book that actually delivers on its promise. Greg Frost is the brains behind Mind Secrets Exposed and his latest offering focuses on the enhancing the power of the mind so that it can […]

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